Urethane Coating System

A tan, two-component, sprayable high-build urethane coating for application to metal or concrete surfaces. Non-sag consistency for easy application to vertical or overhead surfaces. Excellent resistance to water, harsh chemicals and sewer gasses, for outstanding service in the corrosive environment of sanitation systems. A tough flexible coating that resists impact and abrasion. This non-settling formulation resists blistering and pinholing in the most severe applications.

A tan, two-component paste viscosity urethane coating patching compound. Designed for use in repairing US6350 urethane coating, with excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Easy mix, smooth consistency for hand application to vertical or overhead surfaces. Excellent chemical resistance to maintain the original performance of the repaired coating.

Light amber, two-component epoxy penetrating sealer/primer used to enhance the adhesion and performance of the US6350 spray urethane coating on difficult substrates. ES6375 is a 100% solids material with a low mixed viscosity for easy application by brush or spray. It is used to seal concrete surfaces that cannot be dried sufficiently for adhesion by the urethane coating, and is a primer for properly prepared steel surfaces.

Surface Preparation is extremely important to the success of any application, so for the Wyn-Stik “Guidelines for Surface Preparation” paper, click here