Tooling Urethanes

The Tool in urethanes that we manufacture can be grouped into four categories, which divide them by hardness and related end uses:

Soft Urethane Elastomers for Tough, Flexible Tooling and Molds - These products, generally 50 Shore Hardness and under, are ideally suited for applications such as bumpers, pads, flexible molds or soft parts where a high degree of flexibility & toughness is required. Their relatively high tensile strengths make them good performers for masking or holding fixtures where the tooling needs to be stretched to apply and remove.

Mid-Range Hardness Urethanes for High Strength Tooling and Molds - These products are tough elastomeric urethanes that are generally in the 60 - 80 Shore A hardness range. They perform very well in light metal forming dies such as brake form pads. Their slightly tougher nature, compared to softer materials, makes them ideal for applications such as very tough high strength flexible molds, and they produce durable, abrasion resistant shapes and parts, cutting pads, fixtures and flexible parts.

Hard Elastomeric Urethane Tooling Materials - These products range in hard ness from Shore A-90 to Shore D-60, and are work horse metal forming materials. They are also used extensively in the foundry, where they are capable of out lasting metal patterns in many applications. Shore A-90 and Shore A-95 urethane systems are harder flexible elastomers with very tough cured properties that make excellent metal forming tooling and are useful in many other demanding industrial applications. Forming dies, die springs, stripper pads, patterns, gears and tough parts are all applications in which these hard elastomers excel. Shore D-60 urethane systems are exceptionally tough, hard elastomers that have cured characteristics which make them well suited for some very demanding industrial uses.

Rigid Urethane Elastomers - These very hard systems - 75 Shore D and harder - are plastic-like in appearance, yet provide the inherent toughness and durability of engineering elastomers. They work very well in tooling applications such as patterns, molds and fixtures. They are ideal for the fabrication of high strength rigid parts such as seals, bushings and prototype items.

REPLICAST Fast Setting Tooling Urethanes - The REPLICAST line of products consists of hard, rigid, fast setting general purpose urethane systems for the rapid production of temporary and short-run tooling, various jigs and fixtures, as well as rigid, durable shapes and parts.