Rigid Polyurethanes for Hand-Cast and Vacuum Cast Applications

These polyurethane casting systems are designed for processing using hand-casting and vacuum-casting methods. The products in this group have low mixed-viscosities and longer working times to allow sufficient time for hand mixing, vacuum degassing, casting and pressurizing before the material gels. These systems work very well in vacuum-casting machines, like MCP equipment.

You will find our casting systems to be among the highest performing available on the market. Products like PT8902 and PT8952, while requiring a heated post-cure, generate the highest impact strengths for hard, rigid polyurethanes. A few of these products are certified to UL94-V0 flame-retardant specifications, and PT8902 is certified to USP Class-VI requirements.

Some of the same products listed in this group are also shown with faster-setting hardeners in another section called Twin-Tube and Machine Dispense Products. Normally, those materials set up too rapidly to be used in hand-cast and vacuum-cast processes.

We suggest using PTM&W urethane-based color pastes for color-casting. Pigments from other manufacturers may work, but some have proven to be incompatible with our urethanes, resulting in streaking or molted colors, or retarded cures and tacky surfaces.

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PT8902 PT8944 PT8948 & PT8949 PT8952
PT8955 PT8957 PT8964 PT8970

Product Description

This urethane system is designed to allow you to produce the toughest parts available for prototype applications! It is a low viscosity urethane system with a very useable pot life. PT8902 forms an extremely tough white, opaque solid when cured. PT8902 has a notched Izod impact strength of over 2.0! PT8902 is Certified to USP Class VI requirements.

PT8944 A/B is a hard rigid urethane that is easily processed by hand pouring, or vacuum machine casting. PT8944 is designed specifically for hand pouring or mechanized casting of parts and display pieces. It has a mix ratio by weight of 1 to 1, which will allow easy measuring and mixing. The very low mixed viscosity of PT8944 will allow easy vacuum degassing, and makes it readily pourable into complicated molds. It can be demolded rather quickly and it cures at room temperature.

PT8948 & PT8949
These companion materials have been designed specifically for hand pouring or mechanized casting of larger parts. They have easy to use volumetric ratios and low viscosities for easy degassing and filling of complicated molds. PT8948 cures to a translucent solid, and PT8949 cures to a brilliant opaque white, but since no pigments are used in either system, they can easily be tinted or colored.

PT8952 is a system developed to provide a tough, impact-resistant material for the production of durable short run and prototype parts. A performance companion to the PT8902 high impact casting system, PT8952 produces parts with very high Izod impact strength with the added benefit of excellent fire retardant characteristics. PT8952 is UL listed for UL 94V-0 at 0.1 inch (2.6 mm) thickness (UL File No. E238713), and meets the requirements of FAR 28.853 for flammability.

PT8955 casting system that has been developed to allow the production of parts that are tough, durable and fire retardant. Cured parts are UL Listed for UL94 V-0 at 0.1 inch ( 2.6 mm) thickness The natural color of this material is a very bright white, and it accepts pigments and colorants readily for a broad range of final colors to suit the application requirements. PT8955 has excellent hot strength, which prevents sagging or distortion in parts that are exposed to higher ambient temperatures in service.

PT8957 provides a tough, impact-resistant material for the production of durable short run and production parts. PT8957 in thinner section parts will possess both high impact strength as well as good fire retardant performance. PT8957 meets the requirements of FAR 28.853 for flammability in 0.043 inch (1.1 mm) thickness. PT8957 will solve the problem of brittle fire retardant parts!! It has very good Izod Impact strength, tensile and flexural strength, for outstanding toughness.

PT8964 is a two-component urethane casting system with very high temperature resistance that produces prototype and production parts with excellent cured properties. With an easy 2 to 1 mix ratio by weight or volume and very low mixed viscosity, PR8964 processes quickly and allows the casting of complicated configurations in a timely manner. Two hardeners are available for producing either natural amber or black parts.

PT8970 is a Shore D-70 urethane system that has a high degree of toughness, and excellent stability for this hardness range. It is a good material for various types of tools and fixtures. Panels and parts made with PT8970 have high impact strength and resistance to cracking, for long, durable service. Part B hardener is more suited to hand casting larger parts, and Part B1 is intended for machine dispensing. Black versions of both hardeners are available.

PT8976 is a Shore D-80 urethane system that provides a unique combination of physical properties to enable the production of very tough and durable parts and assemblies. Parts made with PT8976 will have good rigidity and stiffness due to its very high modulus, and excellent resistance to breakage due to its very high tensile and impact strengths.