Epoxy Repair Materials

The Wyn-Stik product line consists of epoxy and polyurethane systems designed for the protection and/or repair of concrete, clay pipe and composite materials in the construction-related industry. Included in these products are paste and liquid adhesives and repair materials with high bond strengths and the capabilities to adhere to casually prepared surfaces, for quick field repair.There are also epoxy and polyurethane coatings and primers for brush, trowel or spray application that have excellent resistance to harsh chemical environments.These materials have been utilized in the construction industry for many years, and have proven to be reliable, high-performance products that provide years of strength and protection.

Reddish-brown, non-sag epoxy paste system for adhesive bonding and patching of dry concrete, transite, and vitrified clay products. Packaged in 1-pound, single-use premeasured kits for in-field use.

A light tan, smooth paste epoxy system especially suited for difficult bonding problems involving dissimilar materials such as aluminum, steel, concrete, brick, glass, stone, ceramics, tile and wood.

Underwater curing paste epoxy system with good bond strengths and excellent resistance to brine and marine exposure. Ideal for repairs to water reservoirs, either underwater or on the surface, drainage ditches, concrete pipe, transite, off-shore drilling rigs, and bonding metal to almost any surface.

Reddish-brown, two-component epoxy coating for concrete structures or clay pipe. ES6321 is a 100% solids material that is easy to apply by brush or roller, and has excellent water and chemical resistance for good protection of the surface it is applied to. This coating has been approved by the Bureau of Engineering, City of Los Angeles for internal coating of precast concrete sewer manholes.

A non-sag, troweling viscosity version of ES6321 for patching or high-build coating of damp or dry concrete, transite, or vitrified clay products. It has excellent water and chemical resistance which provides good protection in the harshest environments.

Surface Preparation is extremely important to the success of any application, so for the Wyn-Stik “Guidelines for Surface Preparation” paper, click here