Epoxy N-Fusion Products

Vacuum-Assist Resin-Transfer Method (VARTM) is the procedure of infusing a resin matrix into plies of dry fabric, under vacuum, to make composite laminates. In this process, dry plies of fabric are laminated onto a hard mold surface along with release plies, flow media, vacuum lines, and resin distribution lines, with the entire laminate placed under a vacuum bag. Infusion resin/hardeners are batch-mixed and sucked into the laminate, by vacuum, through resin distribution lines. VARTM-type resin systems are identified by very low mixed viscosities and longer working times.

Resin infusion for tooling has a number of advantages over using prepreg tooling materials: much lower material costs; easier ply positioning; less chance of delamination; no autoclave required; room-temperature demold; free-standing post cure; no refrigerated storage and long shelf life.

Resin infusion for production parts offers the same advantages as for tooling. This process in usually reserved for large structures such as boats or composite car bodies.

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PT2712 PT2752 PT2876
PT5712 & PT5714 PT5760  

For Information on Surface Coats for Infusion, click here for the bulletin Surface Coat Systems for High Temperature Infusion

Product Description

PT2712, with various hardener choices, is ideal for infusing production fiberglass, carbon or Kevlar parts.

A high strength toughened epoxy system that is an ideal material for the production of very durable parts and structures which possess very high cured properties. With a low mixed viscosity, it is well suited to the resin infusion process, where it flows readily into the reinforcing fabric. It also performs very well in traditional hand lay-up operations and proves to be a quite versatile material for producing all types of parts and structures.

An unfilled amber epoxy laminating system designed for the highest service temperature applications. The extended working time of PT2876 A/B allows enough time for vacuum-bagging, yet will set well enough at room temperature to allow the laminate to be demolded from the pattern for post curing. Long tool life is obtainable for autoclave service temperatures up to 450°F., if proper fabrication techniques are use during construction. This system will easily wet-out carbon and fiberglass tooling fabrics. It can also be used for making high-temperature service composite parts.

PT5712 & PT5714
These are amber and black versions of the same epoxy resin system, for infusing high-temperature tools or parts that require elevated temperature service.

A two-part epoxy system using the latest resin technology, designed for infusing composite tools for service temperatures of 400° F. and above. This product is ideal for the vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) process, due to its low viscosity, excellent wet-out properties, and long working time. PT5760 A/B offers high heat resistance and mechanical properties, and will provide durable, dimensionally stable, high-temperature infused tools.