AEROPOXY Accessories

PA0801 WAX
PA0801 is a very creamy paste wax designed for use on epoxy, polyester, aluminum and steel molds. PA0801 can be used to release epoxy, polyesters and most adhesives based on those materials. Due to its smooth consistency, PA0801 is easier to apply to the mold than other paste waxes. PA0801 is a fluorocarbon/wax based compound, and does not contain any silicone materials, so there are no silicone contamination problems associated with it's use. The normal temperature range for using   PA0801 is room temperature to 375oF.

The Poly Filler products are two-component polyester filler paste systems that have very nice handling characteristics. They have smooth, creamy viscosities that make them easy to mix and gives them the ability to be spread to a very thin feather edge. The high performance resins used in these products exhibit very low cured shrinkage. Therefore, the Poly Filler materials can be used in thicker cross sections, for faster repairs, than with other materials that have to be applied in multiple layers to avoid their higher shrinkage. The cured Poly Filler products bond quite well to a variety of metal and composite surfaces, and they will accept all types of enamel, epoxy, lacquer and paint stains as a surface finish.

The two Poly Filler products differ in their heat resistance; Poly Filler RT is a white paste intended for applications where the cured material is used in ambient temperatures. Poly Filler HT utilizes a high temperature  resin base, so it can be subjected to service temperatures in excess of 400° F. Poly Filler HT is available in gray or black.

In summary, the Poly Filler paste systems should always be used when you need maximum adhesion, lowest shrinkage, and excellent finish retention.