Mid-Range Hardness Urethanes for High Strength Tooling and Molds

The systems described here are tough elastomeric urethanes in the middle range hardness, for flexible materials that have good handling and cured properties. These slightly harder elastomers in the 60 – 80 Shore A hardness range perform very well in light metal forming dies such as brake form pads. Their slightly tougher nature, compared to softer materials, makes them ideal for applications such as very tough high strength flexible molds, and they produce durable, abrasion resistant shapes and parts, cutting pads, fixtures and flexible parts. All four systems are light colored materials that can be easily pigmented if desired. They release air very well and pour easily.

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PT7260 PT7265
PT7275 PT7280

Product Description

A snappy and resilient 60 Shore A elastomer with excellent cured properties.

Tough, durable high performance medium viscosity Shore A-65 urethane elastomer with excellent tensile strength, high elongation, and very high abrasion resistance.

A 75 Shore A system with outstanding high elongation and very high tear strength for this hardness.

A quick curing Shore A-80 material with very good toughness, high tensile strength and elongation.