Epoxy Surface Coats for High Temperature Service

Epoxy surface coats are generally paste-viscosity resins designed to be applied by brush or squeegee to a model or pattern and function as the surface of the cured tool. They generally possess handling properties that facilitate easy mixing and application, and their cured properties provide a tough, durable surface that can be sanded or scribed with ease. The products listed in this section are designed for use in applications where the cured tooling is exposed to elevated temperatures in service.

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PT1540 PT1554 PT1935
PT1945 PT1995  

For Information and Recommendations for Processing these High Temperature Systems, click here for the Bulletin Post Curing PTM&W High Temperature Resins

Product Description

Black graphite filled surface coat for high temperature service, with a thin paintable viscosity.

Gray general purpose aluminum filled surface coat system with slightly lower viscosity.

Black high temperature surface coat that can be polished to a high gloss when cured.

Black high temperature surface coat with special characteristics developed for prepreg layup tooling. Carbide filled for a very tough hard surface that resists damage caused by cutting prepreg right on the tool surface.

Black graphite filled surface coat for high temperature service, with thermal expansion characteristics designed for high performance composite tooling