AEROPOXY Adhesives

The adhesives selected for this market are standard work-proven products with long histories of service in demanding structural applications. They were chosen to fulfill specific needs in the applications for which the AEROPOXY line is intended. The current adhesives offered in this line are:

ES6209 - An equal part mix, liquid epoxy adhesive that has very good bonds to wood, ceramics, metal, composite materials & other surfaces.

ES6220 - A fast setting liquid adhesive for quick and easy assembly in a variety of non-structural applications. Works very well on wood and foam, and can be used on aluminum & metals.

ES6228 - A light paste adhesive for high strength metal bonding. Capable of bonding to slightly oily surfaces, for reliable bonds and performance.

ES6279 - A paste viscosity adhesive for structural bonds to a variety of surfaces. Good gap filling capabilities for loose adhesive joints. Tough, durable cured bonds.