AEROPOXY Patching and Fairing Products

AEROPOXY Light - Lightweight Patching and Filler Compound

This product is a two-component paste epoxy patching and filler compound for foam, wood, fiberglass and other surfaces. The mixed consistency is very smooth, so it spreads easily and can be splined to a feather edge without separation. It is a thixotropic, non-sag material that will remain in place in thick sections, even when applied upside down! AEROPOXY Light is a very light material, and therefore contributes minimal added weight to the filled or repaired structure. The cured material is very easy to sand, making the finished patch undetectable when covered or painted.


AEROPOXY 458 – Fairing and Splining Compound
AEROPOXY 458 is a two-component, thin paste, lightweight fairing and finish splining compound designed to be used as a final coating before laminating over foam, or priming and painting parts and/or structural components. Lower in viscosity than our AEROPOXY Light lightweight thixotropic paste compound, AEROPOXY 458 easily fills pinholes and other minor surface defects, quickly smoothing a rough surface. It cures rather quickly at room temp., is very easily sanded, and provides a smooth durable surface for long term trouble-free service.

The AEROPOXY 458 resin and hardener components combine readily, yielding a very smooth thin paste material. It readily wets the surface to which it is being applied, filling the smallest pinholes with ease. AEROPOXY 458 is designed to be applied in thin layers as a final spline coat, so it will not roll over pinholes or small defects, and it can be feathered to very a thin edge with no skips or drag. The cured material is slightly flexible, to give toughness and prevent cracking in thin films. This material has built-in moisture resistance, so the cured surface is blush-free, and will not gum up sandpaper in the finishing process.