The AEROPOXY line of products by PTM&W Industries is a highly engineered group of composite materials and accessories that have found wide acceptance in very demanding applications such as:

  • Kit Aircraft Assembly and Construction
  • Automotive Vehicle Design and Prototypes
  • Sporting Goods and Recreational Vehicles
  • Boating and Marine Production

The line consists of LAMINATING SYSTEMS for tooling and structural components, HIGH STRENGTH ADHESIVES for both metal and composite assemblies as well as STRUCTURAL AND LIGHTWEIGHT FILLER PASTES and FAIRING COMPOUNDS  for patching, repairing and finishing, and several ACCESSORY PRODUCT S to make the job easier. 
The products in this line have been designed to provide many benefits and advantages in the specific applications for which they were developed. Their strengths include:

  • Ease of use
  • Excellent Heat Resistance with no Heat Cure
  • Improved Safety in The Workplace
  • High Performance Cost-Effective Results