Surface Coats for Room Temperature Service

Epoxy surface coats are generally paste-viscosity resins designed to be applied by brush or squeegee to a model or pattern and function as the surface of the cured tool. They generally possess handling properties that facilitate easy mixing and application, and their cured properties provide a tough, durable surface that can be sanded or scribed with ease. The products listed in this section are designed to be used in normal ambient temperature applications where no external heat is applied.

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PT1105 PT1154 PT1158 PT1414

Product Description

White general purpose surface coat with smooth thixotropic viscosity. Applies well to severely contoured surfaces without drain or run-off.

Thixotropic off-white, soft paste viscosity surface coat that has a lower mixed viscosity than PT1105 for faster & easier application to broad flat tooling surfaces.

A white, very low viscosity surface coat system for special applications where its ability to duplicate fine detail is very important.

Blue abrasion resistant surface coat and die casting resin. The extremely hard surface wears well in demanding applications. Can be cast in thin sections for facing dies, and is an excellent adhesive which will bond very well to a variety of surfaces.