Specialty Products for High Temperature Service

These products are paste viscosity filled epoxy systems designed for use in a number of applications. Generally, they have been formulated for a particular purpose, and have characteristics suited to such use. The individual descriptions outline the intended use of each, and describe their suitability to the task. The two products listed here are designed for use in elevated temperature service applications.

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PT5965 HT2C PT2210

For Information and Recommendations for Processing these High Temperature Systems, click here for the Bulletin Post Curing PTM&W High Temperature Resins

Product Description

A tan paste epoxy system designed for general patching and the bonding or potting of inserts and bushings into tools and fixtures. Mix ratio can be varied between 100 : 20 and 100 : 30 to adjust the mixed viscosity and/or working time to suit the application.

High temperature , lightweight, fiber reinforced paste system for use in preparing sandwich panel tooling, fixtures or other structures. Similar handling and cured properties to RT2C with higher heat resistance up to 350°F.

PT2210 A/B is tool sealing material that has proven to be an excellent material for the repair of leaking tools. This system has a very low mixed viscosity, which allows it to penetrate into the smallest leak paths. It has exceptionally high bond strengths so once it seals the leak, it has excellent adhesion. PT2210 A/B is extremely tough, for an epoxy, which allows it to withstand thermal cycling with out cracking or crazing.