Rigid Urethane Elastomers

These very hard systems – 75 to 85 Shore D – are plastic-like in appearance, yet provide the inherent toughness and durability of engineering elastomers. They work very well in tooling applications such as patterns, molds and fixtures. They are ideal for the fabrication of high strength rigid parts such as seals, bushings and prototype items. PT7988, with a hardness of over 85 Shore D works very well in difficult metal forming jobs.

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PT7705 PT7988

Product Description

A bright white low viscosity system with a long working time and good room temperature cures. This material works very well for hand pouring prototype plastic models and parts and the making of rigid fixtures and display items.

PT7988 cures to a very hard and durable Shore D-90 elastomer. This system is very easy to process, as the mixed material will fill complicated closed molds and pick up fine detail on the pattern. PT7988 has a half-hour pot life and cures quickly, for fast mold turn-around. This material produces tough durable parts, tooling and fixtures, and is particularly well suited for the production of patterns, molds and fixtures for the foundry industry.