MVS Fairing Compounds

MVS-438, MVS-450 and MVS-458 Systems
MVS-438 is a fast setting paste epoxy system designed to be an in-field patching and repair material for a variety of structures. MVS-438 ia a companion material to MVS-430 laminating system, and is designed to be used as a void filler and finish splining compound. MVS-438 provides excellent bonds to composites, wood, concrete and other porous surfaces and properly primed metals. The mixed material has a good non-sag viscosity for easy filling of voids and surface damage even on vertical surfaces. This material has excellent moisture resistance, so it will resist surface blushing in situations of high humidity such as morning dew, for example, and it will allow easy sanding and final finishing in those conditions. MVS-438 is also available in 400ml twin-tube cartridges for easier use.

MVS-450 is a two component, lightweight paste material that has proven to be quite useful for a number of applications. It is well suited for splining and fairing onto wood, metal and composite surfaces. It easily fills voids and provides smooth transitions in offset or stepped areas. MVS-450 bonds very well to these properly prepared surfaces and can be finished with standard shaping and sanding tools. MVS-450 was developed to be very easily sanded, so it is not necessary to finish spline a surface before hardening, as it can be quickly sanded to the final contour when cured. The MVS-450 system was developed to be moisture resistant, so the cured surface is blush-free and will not gum sandpaper in the finishing process.

This material has a very creamy smooth viscosity that mixes easily and applies with little effort. It quickly wets the surface being applied to, and bonds extremely well upon curing. The cured material is slightly flexible, so there is no reason for concern when applying thin layers, as the flexibility helps to resist cracking under stress or vibration. If necessary, MVS-450 can be applied in thicker layers, up to 1 to 1.5 inches per layer without concern for sagging. MVS-450 remains in place at these thicknesses, even when placed in a 150oF oven! It will not sag in service.

MVS-458 is a two-component, thin paste, lightweight fairing compound designed to be used as a final coating before priming and painting parts and/or structural components. Lower in viscosity than our MVS-450 thixotropic paste fairing compound, MVS-458 easily fills pinholes and other minor surface defects, quickly smoothing a rough surface. It cures rather quickly at room temperature, is very easily sanded, and provides a smooth durable surface for long term trouble-free service.

The MVS-458 resin and hardener components combine readily, yeilding a very smooth thin paste material. It readily wets the surface to which it is being applied, filling the smallest pinholes with ease. MVS-458 is designed to be applied in thin layers as a final spline coat, so it will not roll over pinholes or small defects, and it can be feathered to very a thin edge with no skips or drag. The cured material is slightly flexible, to give toughness and prevent cracking in thin films. As with our MVS-450, MVS-458 has built-in moisture resistance, so the cured surface is blush-free, and will not gum up sandpaper in the finishing process.