MVS Laminating Systems

MVS-410 and MVS-430 SYSTEMS
MVS-410 is an easy to use epoxy resin system with three hardeners available which provide different working times to suit the application. These combinations are ideal for a variety of uses in fabricating or repairing various sizes of structures. These systems have very low mixed viscosities, so they will quickly wet out reinforcing fabrics when laminating, for more rapid fabrication. It is easy to add bulk fillers or reinforcements to these systems for special purpose uses. For repair applications, they provide strong bonds to properly prepared metal and composite surfaces. They will also penetrate wood surfaces quite well, and provide a much stronger and rot-resistant surface than the bare wood.

MVS-430 A/B is a low viscosity resin system designed for field repair applications where a fast setting material that cures very well at low temperatures is required. MVS-430 has an easy-to-use 2 to 1 mix ratio by volume which allows easy application by cartridge guns for on-site convenience. The balanced viscosities of the resin and hardener combine quickly, and are sufficiently low to enable quick penetration of thicker fabrics with ease. In tests, MVS-430 cures completly in 35OF - 40OF temperatures. MVS-430 is available in 400ml twin-tube cartridges for ease of use in the field.

The MVS-410 and MVS-430 resins are specially formulated to provide excellent moisture resistance, making them ideal for the fabrication of items that will be exposed to moisture or high humidity in service. This is also an advantage in repairing structures in high humidity environment, and when the surface to repair is damp from morning dew.The cured MVS materials have very high heat resistance capabilities. Heat resistance is an important factor in determining the long term stability of epoxy systems, therefore the MVS material’s higher heat capabilities will provide a longer service life and a more stable part or repair.