The PTM&W Epoxy Tooling line is an extensive group of materials designed to provide tough, durable molds, patterns and tools for both room temperature and high temperature service. Included in these products are surface coat systems, laminating materials and casting compounds that are tailored for specific areas of application. A broad range of products are available in each group, and by proper selection, the requirements of an application can be closely matched, for consistent high quality results.

These tooling materials are designed for ease-of-use, and their cured properties will usually exceed the requirements of the application. With over 40 years of experience, we have the knowledge base to develop and produce tooling materials that are of minimum hazard potential and which provide consistent high performance results in the most demanding applications.

Surface Coats: Room Temperature | High Temperature
Epoxy surface coats are paste-viscosity resins designed to be applied by brush or squeegee to a model or pattern to function as the surface of the cured tool. They generally possess handling properties that facilitate easy mixing and application, and their cured properties provide a tough, durable surface that can be sanded or scribed with ease.

Laminating Systems: Room Temperature | High Temperature
Epoxy laminating resin systems consist of both unfilled and filled products that are intended for use with reinforcing fabrics to construct high performance composite tooling prototype and/or production parts. The pertinent handling and cured properties of these systems are listed below to aid in selecting the right material for your application

Casting Resins: Room Temperature | High Temperature
Epoxy casting resins are versatile products that can provide an excellent solution to a variety of industrial applications. They generally contain a filler of some type that is provided to produce specific handling or cured properties. These fillers can be of a metallic nature, or of a variety of non-metal fillers. The specific fillers can provide lower shrinkage, higher compressive strengths, better metal forming properties, or other characteristics suited to a particular use. A variety of systems, for both room temperature as well as high temperature service are listed here with different hardeners to more closely match the material to the application.

Specialty Systems: Room Temperature | High Temperature
These products are paste viscosity filled epoxy systems designed for use in a number of applications. Generally, they have been formulated for a particular purpose, and have characteristics suited to such use. The individual descriptions outline the intended use of each, and describe their suitability to the task.