Hard Elastomeric Urethane Tooling Materials

These 95 Shore A and 60 Shore D hardness elastomers are workhorse metal forming materials. In some instances, they can produce successful tooling for forming applications where nothing else works! They are also used extensively in the foundry, where they are capable of outlasting metal patterns in many applications.

The Shore A-90 and Shore A-95 urethane systems described here are harder flexible elastomers with very tough cured properties that make excellent metal forming tooling and are useful in many other demanding industrial applications. Forming dies, die springs, stripper pads, patterns, gears and tough parts are all applications in which these two elastomers excel.

The two Shore D-60 urethane systems are exceptionally tough, hard elastomers that have cured characteristics which make them well suited for some very demanding industrial uses. Both of these systems have very high tensile and tear strengths and excellent elongation, so tooling or parts made with these materials are very durable. They have very good resistance to abrasion, so they are ideal for the production of foundry tools and patterns. These materials work hard and solve problems!

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PT7290 PT7295 PT7660
PT7665 PT7667  

Product Description

A tough urethane tooling elastomer with a longer working time and low viscosity which is very easy to mix and cast.

An excellent metalworking elastomer with very high cured properties. It has low shrinkage, very good elongation and outstanding tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Tough tooling elastomer that is ideal for demanding foundry and industrial applications. It has a fast cure for quicker tool production. In addition to the natural tan, it is available in red and black versions.

This system has a longer working time and very low shrinkage which makes it ideal for larger patterns and tools. Cured material machines well for casting a near-net shape, and then machining the pattern to final dimensions.

A durable, hard elastomeric material that has superior toughness and abrasion resistance, for good performance in demanding industrial applications. It has a good low mixed viscosity for easy processing, and it will duplicate fine detail pattern surfaces quite well. PT7667 has low initial cured shrinkage, and remains stable throughout its service life. Black and Red versions of the Part B are available by special order.