Polyester Filler Pastes

The POLY FILLER products are two component polyester filler paste systems that provides the user both unique ease of handling and high performance characteristics when cured. The POLY FILLERS are formulated to provide a smooth creamy handling consistency and a dry tack-free surface when cured. A significant advantage of the POLY FILLER products over other materials of this type is their very low cured shrinkage. This feature allows faster application and repairs than with other filler pastes, which usually must be applied in several layers because of their high shrinkage rate! The creamy texture of POLY FILLER materials allows for easier application and spreading. POLY FILLERS can be troweled to a feather edge without rolling or skipping. They can be used to fill tiny pinholes without lifting. The dry, tack-free nature of the cured POLY FILLER paste provides for easier working with tools and prevents sandpaper from becoming gummy.

Once applied and cured, the POLY FILLER materials will bond quite well to most surfaces such as aluminum, copper, fiberglass, epoxy, steel, plaster, graphite and kevlar laminates. They will also accept all types of enamel, epoxy, lacquer and paint stains as a surface finish.

The Poly Filler line consists of POLY FILLER RT, a product for room temperature applications; and POLY FILLER HT, which utilizes an excellent high temperature resin base, and therefore can be subjected to service temperatures in excess of 400oF.


POLY FILLERS have been used with much success in very demanding industrial applications such as these:

  • Aircraft High-Temp Bond Tools
  • FRP Surface Patching
  • Bonding Inserts and Bushings
  • Honeycomb Panel Edge Filling
  • Crack, Crevice and Hole Repair
  • Pattern Repair and Filling
  • Core Box Repair
  • RIM, BMC, SMC Surface Filling
  • Fiberglass Boat Repair
  • Router Fixture Repair
  • Filling Porosity on Composites
  • Vacuum Form Mold Repair
  • Filling Cloth Texture Impressions
  • Urethane Mold Repair