Fire Retardant Rigid Urethanes for Production and Prototyping Uses

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PT8952 PT8955 PT8957

Product Description

Fire retardant system with unique handling and cured properties. PT8952 has a very low mixed viscosity, for easy filling of complicated molds. It is a performance companion to the new PT8902 high impact system, with the added benefit of excellent fire retardant characteristics. UL Listed for UL 94 V-0 at 0.1” thickness (UL File No. E238713).

Hard, tough fire retardant system for hand pour or vacuum casting applications. Plenty of time to mix, deair and pour complicated parts that can be demolded fairly quickly. UL Listed for UL 94 V-0 at 0.1” thickness (UL File No. E238713).

A two-component urethane casting system developed to provide a tough, impact-resistant material for the production of durable short run and prototype parts. PT8957 is a modification of our PT8952 fire retardant high impact casting system, that is designed to have somewhat better fire retardant characteristics than PT8952, to make thinner section parts that possess both high impact strength as well as good fire retardant performance. PT8957 meets the requirements of FAR 28.853 for flammability in 0.043 inch (1.1 mm) thickness.

Fast gelling fire retardant system for machine or cartridge dispensing uses. Low mixed viscosity allows easy filling of thin mold areas. Fast demold times for quick mold turnaround. UL Listed forUL 94 V-0 at 0.12” thickness (UL File No. E238713).