Casting Resins for High Temperature Service

Epoxy casting resins are versatile products that can provide an excellent solution to a variety of industrial applications. They generally contain a filler of some type that is provided to produce specific handling or cured properties. These fillers can be of a metallic nature, or of a variety of non-metal fillers. The specific fillers can provide lower shrinkage, higher compressive strengths, better metal forming properties, or other characteristics suited to a particular use. Two systems, for high temperature service applications are listed here. Both have different hardeners available to more closely match the material to the requirements of the application.

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PT4770 PT4925 PT4935 PT4976

For Information and Recommendations for Processing these High Temperature Systems, click here for the Bulletin Post Curing PTM&W High Temperature Resins

Product Description

A black graphite filled casting resin intended for composite tooling uses. This resin can be used in applications where the temperature exceeds 400°F. It includes a special blend of fillers that provide easy machining, good compressive strength, and help to match the expansion characteristics of other composite tooling components and parts.

Gray high temperature epoxy casting resin with a very high aluminum filler content. Finished casting looks, feels and machines like an aluminum casting. Very good heat resistance and thermal conductivity, and very high compressive strength.

Gray casting resin with excellent heat resistance and handling qualities. Lower viscosity allows easy mixing and pouring to pick up fine detail with ease. Fillers do not hard pack in transit or storage. Works well bulk fillers for backup structures.

PT4976 is an epoxy casting system with exceptionally high heat resistance and very good physical properties. It has a high aluminum content, which gives it high compressive strength, tough, durable cured properties, and makes the finished castings very easy to machine if required. Castings perform well at temperatures up to 450°F.