High-Impact & Clear Rigid Urethanes for Production & Prototyping Uses

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PT5409 PT7705 PT8902
PT8902 with Fiber Reinforcement PT8925 PT8976

Product Description

An epoxy system that has excellent toughness and impact strength and has a clean, plastic-like feel when cured. It is the perfect choice for producing thin-walled parts that combine good appearance with superior performance. The translucent nature of PT5409 allows it to be tinted and pigmented to a broad range of rich colors.

Bright white low viscosity system with a long working time and good room temperature cures. This material works very well for hand pouring prototype plastic models and parts where the handling characteristics allow easy filling of complicated molds.

This urethane system is designed to allow you to produce the toughest parts available for prototype applications! It is a low viscosity urethane system with a very useable pot life. PT8902 forms an extremely tough white, opaque solid when cured. PT8902 has a notched Izod impact strength of over 2.0 ! PT8902 is certified to USP Class-VI requirements.

PT8902 with Fiber Reinforcement
PT8902 is a unique two-component urethane casting system that has very high cured properties - particularly impact strength. PT8902 has a notched Izod Impact Strength greater than 2.0. By itself, PT8902 produces very tough, impact resistant parts. In situations where greater part stiffness is required, by the addition of certain reinforcing fillers PT8902 can produce castings that have a very high Flexural Modulus. When these fillers are incorporated into PT8902 castings, the resulting parts have much improved stiffness and excellent impact resistance. This allows the user to produce parts with the strengths to perform in the most demanding production and prototype applications.

Transparent, water-white urethane casting system that is very useful for the production of tough, impact resistant clear parts. Three hardeners are available for producing various size parts from thin-walls to mass castings. PT8925 parts are water-clear and exhibit no distortion. The cured parts have excellent toughness and durability.

PT8976 is a Shore D-80 urethane system that provides a unique combination of physical properties to enable the production of very tough and durable parts and assemblies. Parts made with PT8976 will have good rigidity and stiffness due to its very high modulus, and excellent resistance to breakage due to its very high tensile and impact strengths.