Flexible Urethanes for Production and Prototyping Uses

The four elastomer systems listed below are excellent materials for use in casting a wide variety of tough flexible prototype and/or short-run production parts. They vary in hardness from 40 Shore A to 70 Shore A, to provide a range that is suitable for softer parts requirements. These products combine ease of use with tough cured properties to allow rapid production of attractive, durable cured parts. They are low in color, so it is easy to add dyes or pigments to achieve a broad range of colors in the finished castings. All four have low, very fluid mixed viscosities, which allow easy mixing and pouring, and efficient mold filling, even in thin wall sections.

These four systems have been designed specifically for the pouring of prototype and production parts, and they can be adjusted for rather rapid curing, for faster production rates. The base working times and associated demold times for these systems can be shortened by the addition of a catalyst - PA8399 - to achieve the optimum demold time for individual part size and configuration.

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PT8442 PT8452
PT8462 PT8472

Product Description

A 40 Shore A system with the lowest mixed viscosity of these four systems. Has good tensile strength and high elongation and rebound characteristics.

A 50 Shore A system with low viscosity that has low shrinkage, high tear strength and good abrasion resistance.

A 60 Shore A system of medium viscosity that has high tensile strength and very good tear strength and rebound characteristics.

A 70 Shore A system that has tough cured properties. Excellent tensile strength and elongation, extremely high tear strength and very good abrasion resistance.