Soft Urethane Elastomers for Tough, Flexible Tooling and Molds

The Shore A-40 and A-50 urethane systems that are described here are tough, soft, highly resilient polyurethane elastomers that have good handling characteristics and cured properties. These high physical properties make them ideally suited for applications such as bumpers, pads, flexible molds or soft parts where a high degree of flexibility & toughness is required. Their relatively high tensile strengths make them good performers for masking or holding fixtures where the tooling needs to be stretched to apply and remove. These two systems are very low in viscosity, so they mix and pour with great ease. They will duplicate the finest surface detail without trapping air. They are very clear, and light amber in tint, so they can be easily pigmented if desired, for a broad range of finished part colors.

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PT7240 PT7250

Product Description

Amber soft, very resilient Shore A-40 system with a low mixed viscosity, high tear strength, good tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Light amber soft Shore A-50 urethane with very good balance of properties for easy handling and good performance in a variety of uses.