Casting Resins for Room Temperature Service

Epoxy casting resins are versatile products that can provide an excellent solution to a variety of industrial applications. They generally contain a filler of some type that is provided to produce specific handling or cured properties. These fillers can be of a metallic nature, or of a variety of non-metal fillers. The specific fillers used can provide lower shrinkage, higher compressive strengths, better metal forming properties, or other characteristics suited to a particular use. A variety of systems, for room temperature service are listed here. Each has different hardeners available, to more closely match the material to the application. The products listed here are designed to be used in normal ambient temperature applications where no external heat is applied.

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PT4045 PT4151 PT4420 PT4431
PT4450 PT4455    

Product Description

PT4045 is an amber, unfilled, general purpose epoxy resin that is suitable for a wide variety of adhesive, tooling and encapsulating applications. It is an undiluted resin, so it cures with less shrinkage than diluted materials. The medium viscosity is thinned very well by hardeners, for easy handling. Bulk fillers can be added to the resin/hardener mixture to provide a broad range of cured properties for different applications.

A tan non-metallic filled system with features especially designed for tough metal forming applications.

Gray aluminum filled system with good cured toughness and easy machining.

Gray aluminum filled casting resin with lower viscosity for easier pouring and good detail reproduction. Works well with bulk fillers for backup structures.

Black iron filled resin with lower viscosity for easier handling and pouring.

Black highly filled casting resin with very high cured properties. High iron content yields very low cured shrinkage for accurate castings.